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The Brent Goose Satellite tracking project is going well. However, one tracker has appeared to have stopped working BRAN03 last sent data back on 29th January and we were unsure what had happened.. However, we now know it is on the bird because David Low has observed the bird in the field matching the colour ring (Green CC) and the collar is still on the bird OK and it is feeding and behaving normally. The remaining four are sending back excellent data and we have now raised the number of data points each day to show some very intereting data on the specific feeding and roosting sites. Most birds have generally roosted on Bridge Marsh Island and feed on Blue House Farm. However, in the last few weeks the birds have split a little and a couple have now joined the South Woodham Ferris flock, some of which appear to now roost south of the river. Some of these birds are likely to start to migrate in the next few weeks and we wait in high hopes we can track the precise route, speed and timing of this as they move across to Holland. With this in mind we have raised the number of data points collected on a daily basis for the next few weeks to see if we can get a more accurate idea of these movements.

The maps below show the February movements for each bird:

BRAN01 - Colour Ring Green CD Metal Ring GV77655 - This bird took a sigle trip out the the coast and back which is interesting.


BRAN02 - Colour Ring Green CA Metal Ring GV77652


BRAN04 - Colour Ring Green DL Metal Ring GV77653


BRAN05 - Colour Ring Green CM Metal Ring GV77651




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