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With the imminent closure of the landfill tip at Pitsea, the gull work is coming to a close. With this in mind we have decided to re-name the North Thames Gull Group to something that better reflects our current and future activities.

The new focus of the group and the colour ringing activity that we can undertake over the next few years is likely to focus on the following species:

  • Brent Goose cannon-netting and colour-ringing in Essex
  • Grey Heron and Little Egret nestling colour-ringing in Essex and London
  • Red Kite ringing and wing-tagging in Hertfordshire
  • Possible colour-marking and/or satellite tracking of duck in London and Hertfordshire

We are essentially a cannon netting and colour marking group so we have decided to create a new name which reflects our new and future activities. After several ideas and suggestions we have decided on the new name of the Southern Colour Ringing Group (SCRG).

The North Thames Gull Group will continue as a group because sightings will continue to come in for many years. The NTGG web site will continue to manage all the sightings and data for the group and all gull sightings will be posted on the normal NTGG web site. 

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